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Hands down this is my favorite video in the universe. It just keeps getting better every time I see it.

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Susan Ruiter is a Dutch painter whose main paintings are of plus size women or voluptuous ladies. Her inspiration came from another famous painter Fernando Botero.

Her paintings of full figured women capture them in humorous, fun moments and the bright colors, different techniques and high quality materials that she uses makes them stand out.  For the past 20 years, Susan has exhibited her work all over the world as well as made personal appearances growing her brand awareness.

Every single one of her painting is handmade therefore every painting is unique, there is no mass production.

She loves drawing people and her passion for her Art shows in her work. Her classy take on plus size women is inspiring.

Take a look at some of her paintings below.

For more information on Susan Ruiter visit her website atwww.SusanRuiter.NL.

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